Editorial Guidelines

Editor: Mary Elizabeth Williams
Contact: mewilliams@antiquitynow.org

  1. If you are interested in making submissions to our blog please email your contact information, one page writing sample, a resume, and statement to the editor.
  2. Email all story ideas to the editor for approval.
  3. After story approval, you have approximately three weeks to complete the story.  Please contact the editor if you are having delays or difficulties.
  4. All submissions must include images.
  5. Email submissions to the editor with text in the body clearly marked and the images as .jpg or .gif
  6. All submissions must relate to the AntiquityNOW mission,  “To raise awareness of the importance of preserving our cultural heritage by demonstrating how antiquity’s legacy influences and shapes our lives today and for generations to come. AntiquityNOW carries out its mission through public engagement, educational programs and advocacy on behalf of our collective world heritage. The goal of AntiquityNOW is to illustrate that humankind’s commonalities are stronger than its differences, and to share this knowledge to promote mutual understanding, tolerance and peaceful co-existence among our global family.”
  7. Submissions must include key words which relate to our mission and refer back to any previous blog entries already published.  For example, if you are writing an article on Syria, link to previous coverage on Syria.
  8. Our audience is academic, but not specific to one area of scholarship.  Do not use abbreviations or jargon specific to your expertise.
  9. There is not a maximum word count, however, be as concise as possible.  If your submission is lengthy we may divide it into parts.
  10. Submissions must be factually accurate, well researched and informative.
  11. All submissions must include source citations.  For strictly online sources, please use hyperlinks embedded within the text linking back to the online source. For academic resources/primary sources, cite the title and author in the text, and then use a footnote for the full citation. Please use this style when it is relevant: “title,” author, publication, date.  This should all be linked to the source if it is also an online resource.  Remember to provide the source for all quotes, numbers, specific facts, and images.  The source for your images is required.
  12. Please include a small biography of three sentences or less about your expertise, experience, education, etc. with each submission.
  13. AntiquityNOW cannot pay for any submissions.  However, scholarly publication is to your advantage in all your future pursuits.
  14. Contact the editor with any questions.